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Whether you're writing in Markdown or managing a complex app codebase, Code is the lightweight but full-featured editor for you. It auto-saves your files to ensure they're always up-to-date, and it remembers your tabs so you never lose your spot—even between sessions. Designed around a project-based workflow, Code knows about your separate codebases. It comes with helpful Git integration to create and switch between branches and show changed files and lines within your projects. Work with your language: whether you're crafting code in Vala, scripting with PHP, or marking things up in HTML, Code has you covered. Experience full syntax highlighting with nearly all programming, scripting, and markup languages. Find anything in your current file, specific folders, or your whole project with options for case-sensitivity and regular expressions. Smart features throughout: automatic indentation, smart cut/copy behavior, visible whitespace for selected text and at the end of lines by default, and optional extensions for Markdown actions, spell checking, whitespace trimming, word completion, and more. Adapt Code to your workflow: you can tweak the behavior and interface as needed with a handful of useful and well-considered extensions and preferences. There's a ton more: • Solarized Light, Solarized Dark, and High Contrast color schemes that affect the whole UI • Togglable sidebar to fit your workflow • Smart indentation and .editorconfig support • Browser-class tabs with drag-and-drop, duplication, undo closing, and tab history • Display the current line and character—and quickly jump to a new line • Scroll past the end of the file so you can keep the current line where it's comfortable • Optional mini-map to make navigating large files easier

Licenses: GPL3
Repository: extra
Compare Version: 7.1.0-1
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pamac install pantheon-code

pamac remove pantheon-code