package imageBuilder


Builder is an actively developed Integrated Development Environment for GNOME. It combines integrated support for essential GNOME technologies such as GTK+, GLib, and GNOME APIs with features that any developer will appreciate, like syntax highlighting and snippets. You can rely on predictable releases of Builder with each new release of GNOME every six months. Features: • Built in syntax highlighting for many languages • Side-by-side code editors • Multi-monitor support • Code overview mini-map • Integration with Git • Integration with Autotools, Cargo, CMake, Gradle, Meson, Maven, Make, PHPize, and Waf • Clang based auto-completion, semantic highlighting, and diagnostics • Python based auto-completion, semantic highlighting, and diagnostics • Vala based auto-completion and diagnostics • Auto indentation support for C, Python, Vala, and XML • HTML, Markdown, and reStructuredText, and Sphinx live preview • Optional Vim, Emacs, and SublimeText style editing • An integrated software profiler for native applications • An integrated debugger for native applications • Support for building with jhbuild and flatpak runtimes • Support for viewing TODOs found within your code base • Fast fuzzy text search across files and symbols

Licenses: GPL3
Repository: extra
Compare Version: 44.2-4
Download Size: 10.5 MB

pamac install gnome-builder

pamac remove gnome-builder