package imageHardware Probe


A tool to probe for hardware, check operability and find drivers with the help of Linux Hardware Database. Probe — is a snapshot of your computer hardware state. The tool checks operability of devices by analysis of logs, uploads anonymized hardware info to the database and returns a permanent url to view the probe of the computer: flatpak run org.linux_hardware.hw-probe -all -upload Run as root if you want to check health of all your hard drives. If some of hardware devices doesn't work due to a missed driver then the tool will suggest a proper Linux kernel version according to the LKDDb or third-party drivers.

Licenses: BSD-2-Clause
Repository: flathub
Version: 1.6.5
Download Size: 10.0 MB

flatpak install org.linux_hardware.hw-probe

flatpak remove org.linux_hardware.hw-probe