package imageBoxes


Select an operating system and let Boxes download and install it for you in a virtual machine. Features: • Download freely available operating systems. • Automatically install CentOS Stream, Debian, Fedora, Microsoft Windows, OpenSUSE, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and Ubuntu. • Create virtual machines from operating system images with a couple of clicks. • Limit the resources (memory and storage) your virtual machines consume from your system. • Take snapshots of virtual machines to restore to previous states. • Redirect USB devices from your physical machine into virtual machines. • 3D acceleration for some of the supported operating systems. • Automatically resize virtual machines displays to the window size. • Share clipboard between your system and virtual machines. • Share files to virtual machines by dropping them from your file manager into the Boxes window. • Setup Shared Folders between your system and virtual machines.

Licenses: LGPL-2.1+
Repository: flathub
Version: 43.1
Download Size: 45.9 MB

flatpak install org.gnome.Boxes

flatpak remove org.gnome.Boxes