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Gajim aims to be an easy to use and fully-featured XMPP client. Just chat with your friends or family, easily share pictures and thoughts or discuss the news with your groups. Chat securely with End-to-End encryption via OMEMO or OpenPGP. Gajim integrates well with your other devices: simply continue conversations on your mobile device. Features: • Never miss a message, keep all your chat clients synchronized • Invite friends to group chats or join one • Easily send pictures, videos or other files to friends and groups • Chat securely with End-to-End encryption via OMEMO or OpenPGP • Use your favorite emoticons, set your own profile picture • Keep and manage all your chat history • Organize your chats with workspaces • Automatic spell-checking for your messages • Connect to other Messengers via Transports (Facebook, IRC, ...) • Lookup things on Wikipedia, dictionaries or other search engines directly from the chat window • Set your activity or tune to show your friends how you are feeling • Support for multiple accounts • XML console to see what's happening on the protocol layer • Support for service discovery including nodes and search for users • Even more features via plugins

Licenses: GPL-3.0
Repository: flathub
Version: 1.5.4
Download Size: 14.2 MB

flatpak install org.gajim.Gajim

flatpak remove org.gajim.Gajim