package imageChocolate Doom


Chocolate Doom is a conservative, historically-accurate Doom source port, which is compatible with the thousands of mods and levels that were made before the Doom source code was released. Unlike other source ports, the goal is to preserve the original look, feel, limitations, and bugs of the original DOS executable. Full support for single- and multi-player games is provided, for all of the original Doom games, Chex Quest, and Hacx. Unlike the original executable, network play is implemented on the IP network stack, allowing it to function on modern LANs and the Internet.

Licenses: GPL-2.0+
Repository: flathub
Version: 3.0.1
Download Size: 3.9 MB

flatpak install org.chocolate_doom.ChocolateDoom

flatpak remove org.chocolate_doom.ChocolateDoom