package imageBlock Attack - Rise of the Blocks


This a puzzle/blockfall game inspired by Nintendo’s Tetris Attack (or “Panel de Pon”) for the Super Nintendo. It might seem like any other match-3 style game but it is generally much faster. The game requires fast decisions compared to other puzzle games. While you can setup the perfect chain it is much more likely that you will construct chains while blocks are still dropping around you. In addition to traditional game types like endless, time trial and stage clear the game does also feature a VS-mode. The VS mode is a dual like you rarely see in a puzzle game. The game can be played with keyboard, gamepad or mouse. Keyboard or gamepad are strongly recommended. The game allows two players to compete on the same machine.

Licenses: GPL-2.0+
Repository: flathub
Version: v2.8.0
Download Size: 28.8 MB

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