package imageGlide


Glide is a simple and minimalistic media player relying on GStreamer for the multimedia support and GTK for the user interface. Glide should be able to play any multimedia format supported by GStreamer, locally or remotely hosted. Once Glide is running you can use some menus to switch the subtitle and audio tracks, play, pause, seek and switch the window to fullscreen. There are also some keyboard shortcuts for these actions: • play/pause: space • seek forward: meta-right or alt-left • seek backward: meta-left or alt-right • switch to fullscreen: meta-f or alt-f • exit from fullscreen: escape • quit the application: meta-q or ctrl-q • load a subtitle file: meta-s or alt-s • increase volume: meta-up or alt-up • decrease volume: meta-up or alt-down • mute the audio track: meta-m or alt-m • open a new file: meta-o or alt-o

Licenses: MIT
Repository: flathub
Version: 0.5.9
Download Size: 3.6 MB

flatpak install net.baseart.Glide

flatpak remove net.baseart.Glide