package imageGTKWave


GTKWave is a fully featured GTK+ based waveform viewer which reads FST, LXT, LXT2, VZT, and GHW files as well as standard Verilog VCD/EVCD files and allows their viewing. The viewer supports both post-mortem viewing of VCD files and interactive viewing of VCD data. Tcl scripting and callback capability allow for remote control by other applications. NOTE: External process and transaction process filters are executed inside the Flatpak sandbox and don't have access to libraries on the host system. Compiling process filters with a newer GLIBC version than used in the Flatpak runtime will also cause the filter process to fail. Possible workarounds for this problem are to use static executables or to compile the process filter using the org.gnome.Sdk Flatpak.

Licenses: GPL-2.0
Repository: flathub
Version: 3.3.111
Download Size: 14.3 MB

flatpak install io.github.gtkwave.GTKWave

flatpak remove io.github.gtkwave.GTKWave