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Guilded is the best app for gaming chat. Guilded is perfect for gaming with friends, clans, guilds, communities, esports, LFG and teams. And it's free. Guilded Is The Best Place To Chat • Get unlimited emotes. Any server. Forever. • World-class voice chat with voice rooms, broadcasting, whispering and priority speaking • Video chat and screenshare in high-res • Threads to keep conversations nice and tidy Guilded Has Powerful Servers • Never miss an event with calendars and scheduling • Customize with robust roles and permissions • Stay organized with docs, media and announcements in one place • Manage recruitment applications and forms Guilded Is Made For Gaming • Play in tournaments against other servers and cause discord in your enemies' ranks • Bots! Build your own with our bot builder • Chat on any platform with our companion apps at • Stream and screen share in any server channel (beta) This wrapper is not verified by, affiliated with, or supported by Guilded Inc.

Licenses: proprietary
Repository: flathub
Version: 1.0.9161723
Download Size: 72.6 MB

flatpak install gg.guilded.Guilded

flatpak remove gg.guilded.Guilded