package imageBlackbody


Blackbody is a thermogram viewer. It allows viewing FLIR and TIFF images, giving control over the render settings. Features: • Loading FLIR thermograms from many cameras, both thermal and optical data • Loading single-band TIFFs assumed to be in °C • Investigating temperatures with the mouse • Exporting thermal data or renders to files • Rendering to embedded color palettes, if present • Rendering to many different colors palettes, including inferno and turbo • Specifying the thermal range to render • Zooming in and out • Translated to multiple languages • Available for Linux and Windows Cameras known to work: • FLIR C2 • FLIR E4 • FLIR E5 • FLIR E6 • FLIR E8 • FLIR E8XT • FLIR E53 • FLIR E75 • FLIR P60 (PAL) • FLIR T630SC • FLIR T660

Licenses: EUPL-1.2
Repository: flathub
Version: 1.3.0
Download Size: 656.0 KB

flatpak install eu.nimmerfort.blackbody

flatpak remove eu.nimmerfort.blackbody