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Run Windows software on Linux with Bottles! Bottle software and enjoy at your leisure! Our built-in dependency installation system grants automatic software compatibility access. Use the download manager to download the official components: the runner (Wine, Proton), DXVK, dependencies, etc. Bottle versioning keeps your work safe now and lets you restore it later! Features: • Create bottles using preconfigured environments or create your own • Run executables (.exe/.msi) in your bottles, directly from the context menu of your file-manager • Automated detection of applications installed in your bottles • Add environment variables quickly • Override DLLs directly from per-bottle preferences • On-the-fly runner change for any Bottle • Various gaming-performance optimizations (esync, fsync, DXVK, cache, shader compiler, offload … and much more.) • Automatic installation and management of Wine and Proton runners • Automatic bottle repair in case of breakage • Integrated dependency-installer based on a community-driven repository • Integrated Task manager for Wine processes • Access to ProtonDB and WineHQ for support • System for bringing your configuration to new versions of Bottles • Back up and import bottles • Import Wine prefixes from other managers • Bottles versioning • ... and much more that you can find by installing Bottles!

Licenses: GPL-3.0
Repository: flathub
Version: 2022.12.14.1
Download Size: 148.7 MB

flatpak install com.usebottles.bottles

flatpak remove com.usebottles.bottles