package imageChibiTracker


ChibiTracker is a portable IT (Impulse Tracker) clone. It is not a 100% clone though, as it adds more features, such as chorus and reverb, stereo samples, an advanced sample editor and more. The user interface also presents some changes, as it can be custom themed and resized. ChibiTracker is Open Source Software under the GNU Public License, and it can be run under Windows, Mac-OS, Linux, FreeBSD, BeOS, and more to come. For those who haven't used trackers before, ChibiTracker is a small, compact music composing application that is easy to learn and powerful enough to sound good.

Licenses: GPL-2.0
Repository: flathub
Version: 1.4.2
Download Size: 1.5 MB

flatpak install com.github.reduz.ChibiTracker

flatpak remove com.github.reduz.ChibiTracker