package imageBoram


Boram is a WebM converter that can do the following: • Open-source, cross-platform, works on Windows, Mac and Linux • AV1/VP9/VP8/Opus/Vorbis/2pass/limit/CRF/CQ/raw-args modes support • Industry-grade codec settings, considered defaults • Displays almost any video with embedded player, thanks to mpv • Hardsubbing out of the box with proper shift/track selection • Simple yet powerful interface, source video centric design • Multiple encodes at once in single window • Fast filters result preview, no need to go through trial and error NOTE: This is an unnofficial wrapper.

Licenses: CC0-1.0
Repository: flathub
Version: 0.5.6
Download Size: 74.1 MB

flatpak install com.github.kagami.boram

flatpak remove com.github.kagami.boram