package imageDippi


Analyze any display. Input a few simple details and figure out the aspect ratio, DPI, and other details of a particular display. Great for deciding which laptop or external monitor to purchase, and if it would be considered HiDPI. Handy features: • Find out if a display is a good choice based on its size and resolution • Get advice about different densities • Learn the logical resolution • Differentiate between laptops and desktop displays • Stupid simple: all in a cute li'l window Based my expertise and experience shipping HiDPI hardware and software at System76 and elementary. Tells you if a display’s density is: • Very Low DPI, • Fairly Low DPI, • Ideal for LoDPI, • Potentially Problematic, • Ideal for HiDPI, • Fairly High for HiDPI, or • Too High DPI Special thanks: • Micah Ilbery for the shiny icons

Licenses: GPL-3.0-or-later
Repository: flathub
Version: 4.0.2
Download Size: 63.2 KB

flatpak install com.github.cassidyjames.dippi

flatpak remove com.github.cassidyjames.dippi