package imageGnome Next Meeting Applet


Gnome next meeting applet is an applet for Gnome using calendars from Gnome Online Accounts to show the time to your next meeting and easily open the meeting url. Features include • Use Gnome Online Account for calendar sources. • Make it easy to know how long you have until your next meeting. • Detect video conference URLs allow to quickly click on it to join (Google Meet, Zoom, Bluejeans, supported). • Shows the documents link attached to the current meeting. • Change icons 5mn before and after meeting. • Fully configurable.

Licenses: MIT
Repository: flathub
Version: 2.9.3
Download Size: 4.0 MB

flatpak install com.chmouel.gnomeNextMeetingApplet

flatpak remove com.chmouel.gnomeNextMeetingApplet